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Located on rue de Seine, in the heart of Saint Germain des Prés, the Arcturus Gallery has existed since 1999, driven by the passion for contemporary art of Anne de la Roussière, its founder.

Always driven by this same energy, convinced that living in contact with art is a profound source of benefits, we support a coherent multidisciplinary selection (paintings, photographs, sculptures and furniture) of European artists whose technical and pictorial qualities complement each other. Through this deliberately eclectic proposition, the gallery allows the amateur to succumb to a crush and the collector to make a dynamic and informed choice.

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Bogota 140 X 200
6 April 2024

Through the superposition of firm layers on wood, he seeks to capture the vibrant light of his environment. It is a mature, strong work, where the effects of material and light create subtle vibrations; the artist plays on the tension between abstraction and figurative painting.

This exhibition is that of a contemporary painter whose personality exudes a true inner strength which gives him an air of simplicity and serene solidity, and whose work manages to transform a fleeting moment into an eternal moment.

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Huile sur bois de l'artiste Alejandro Quincoces
22 March 2024

Alejandro Quincoces’ exhibition of his recent works will end on March 30.

Only one week left to come and enjoy it at the gallery!

Alejandro Quincoces was born in 1951 and was passionate about painting and music from an early age. He is exhibited regularly in Europe and the United States and devotes his art to urban landscapes. : cities, factories, highways… seen from afar or up close, which he fixes, thus subtracting a moment from daily reality from the incessant flow of time.

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Expo Janvier 2019
“An Inner Journey”
26 January 2023

The Arcturus Gallery invites you to start the year with “An Inner Journey”. Living in the present moment, rethinking concrete realities, focusing on our senses – these concepts, both philosophical and spiritual, make us question our existence – as well as the way we perceive our environment and ourselves.
With Regina Gimenez, travel through ordinary spaces, carried by a sense of strangeness. Tim Hall plunges our gaze into the immensity of the desert or the infinite horizon of the sea. And Tony Soulié takes photographs, then gives them this inimitable patina which is his trademark.

To be discovered at the Arcturus Gallery,

From January 25th to March 4th 2023 !


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Carton Recadre Carre
“Flower power, what traces among the artists of the gallery? “
17 September 2022

To extend the lightness and freedom provided by the holidays and this beautiful season that is summer, the ARCTURUS gallery is offering a back-to-school exhibition under the sign of “Flower Power”, and its trace in the work of artists from the gallery.
A journey from the famous photograph taken by Marc Riboud of “the girl with the flower” in front of the Pentagon in October 1967, through the bohemian Lower East Side of NY photographed by Hervé Gloaguen, to younger artists, Alfons Alt, Luzia Simons, and Tony Soulié, each interpreting “Flower Power” in the light of their personal universe and their media.

To discover at the Arcturus Gallery,
September 14 to October 29 !

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1746 7 B
The Arcturus gallery wishes you happy holidays and looks forward to seeing you in September !
1 July 2022

We wish you a relaxing and rejuvenating holidays with many discoveries in the field of painting, musique and reading !
Take the time to browse on the gallery’s website and our social network, read or reread the articles, newsletters and posts : Site Arcturus, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

We remain active and at your disposal by email. We are available to communicate and discuss on  the artists of the gallery and on our consulting activity

In addition, discover ArtCurHope, the endowment fund created by Arcturus Gallery, Anne de la Roussière and Cécile Chalvet on Linkedin and Instagram.

Abstractions 1 1
3 June 2022

To open our minds to the imaginary, to poetry, to the unsaid, to dialogue, we are offering a summer exhibition around Abstraction, highlighting the variety of views of the gallery artists who have chosen this way, or those who dive into it on certain occasions.

Franck DUMINIL, or lyrical abstraction
YLAG or fractal abstraction
Tim HALL or abstraction captured in nature
Thibaut de REIMPRE or bubbling abstraction


To discover at the Arcturus Gallery,
From June 14 to July 23!


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