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We accompany private individuals, companies, as well as independents (interior decorators, law firms, notaries, certified public accountants, etc).
The proposed artists come from various backgrounds or are part of the gallery team.
The artworks may exist already or may be commissioned specifically.
The gallery calls upon painters, photographers, sculptors, video makers, designers or furniture creators.

Illu Arc 1
I wanted to renovate the interior decoration of my office which is rather a large room, with a high ceiling and was very conventionally furnished at the time. Anne de la Roussière guided me efficiently in my approach, and led the research rather quickly towards a set of large photographs, all having the same format, but by three different artists: Hervé Abbadie, Didier Massard and Marie Passa. It gave the room a more coloured, original and cordial atmosphere. My visitors are generally taken in by this new decoration, and I thank Anne for her receptiveness and her fitting advice.
Alain B
Illu Arc 2 1
The Arcturus Gallery is our favourite gallery since 2012! We bought 5 works that we enjoy looking at everyday. The artists Anne exhibits and their works are profound and restful, lending to contemplation. Through her originality and dependable taste, Anne guided us in our selection, being receptive and always delicate. She lets us take our time, allowing our decision to mature. Her explanations on works and artist enable a greater contact with work and what it conveys. Moreover, as an entrepreneur, she directed us towards very professional and interesting leasing solutions. Perfect collaboration!
Caroline L
Illu Arc 3
To personalize the common areas and receptions I often propose to incorporate original works of art for the sensory aspects they have. For example in 2004, I renovated the head office of Groupama in rue d’Astorg in Paris, achieved through the rigorous professional preparation with the Arcturus Gallery resulting in an artwork hanging project being presented to the Director (paintings by Thibaut de Réimpré – photographs de Marc Donikian, Olivier Dassault, Jean-Pierre Haigneré, Marc Riboud). The project was installed in around and in the small of meeting rooms and the impact of artwork can still be felt to this day.
Bernard Grenot
Illu Arc 4
Because we complete each Interconstruction programme by a work, we often call upon Anne de la Roussière who always knows how to bring the work of an artist to a given space whose sculpture, painting or drawing is able to occupy its place harmoniously in the halls or gardens of a home. There is an enhancement of spirit given to recent constructions by integrating artwork, which opens up horizons in contemporary art and it feels good.
Agnès Villand
Peter Stutchbury Architecture House Wentworth Falls Australia 03 Patio Sculpture.jpg.770x0 Q95 (1)
I first met Anne de la Roussière almost 20 years ago already, thanks to Marta Moreu, a Catalan artist whose notoriety went far beyond the European borders. Since then we have never drifted apart. I enormously appreciate her selection of artists who work in different and personal worlds. She will go in search of young or recognized talented artists. I believe that she establishes meaningful connections with them. The art advice Anne has given infuse a character to the places where I live and work. I am convinced, as she is, that emotion carried by artwork raises the spirit and stimulates energy every day. A big thank you for all our conversations about beauty.
Frédérique Clavel

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