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Portrait Anne De Le Roussiere

Art transforms us !

In one way or another, and as far as I can remember, art was always part of my life. From back when I was a child, whenever I entered a room, I could not help noticing everything that was on the walls: a painting that was slightly skew, the softness of the faded colours in a photograph, the thickness of the coats of paint covering that linen canvas … My first escapades were to experience that great adventure: feeling free and light, walking down the broad corridors of Louvre or that inspirational emotion on discovering the paintings of Franz Marc or admiring my first Van Gogh in New York.

After an initial life spent in the ordered world of banking I later had the opportunity to fulfil the incredible dream: that of opening an art gallery in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris. So it was that in 1999, I unlocked the door of n°65 rue de Seine, for the first time. That was the first day of another life pursuing a passion of art, for the people who create it and for the people who appreciate it. Through my consulting activity in purchasing works of art or in organizing gallery exhibitions, I have never stopped putting all of my energy in this every day objective, for individuals and companies alike.

Indeed, my deep sense of commitment rests on the conviction which motivates me each and every day: art embellishes life and transforms us. It offers an immense and proven sense of wellbeing.

Having works of art around us improves our lives and deeply transforms us.

I take it to heart to transfer this enthusiasm so that others can share in the benefits for which I have always had the conviction and which are now proven by a great deal research in neurosciences.

With great pride, I can state that, more than twenty years after hanging its the first work of art, Arcturus pursues its great adventure, shaped by encounters and shared emotions, discovering French and Europeans artists who had hitherto never exhibited in France.

Whether during exhibitions, private exhibitions or meetings with the business people I accompany, my objective is always for artists to enhance their recognition while encouraging my clients to partake in works of art daily.

In a world of upheaval and disorientation, more than ever the living areas we use, whether at home or at the office, are places where art must live. Through our two activities, the gallery in rue de Seine and as art advisors in the purchase of works for private individuals, independents or companies, my team and myself strive to fulfil this mission: making art a personal and social means of transformation.


“For many years, working to disseminate selected contemporary works of art to individuals and businesses through Arcturus, a dream has been close to my heart, that of bringing the benefits of original works as close as possible to people. suffering people, at the heart of hospitals and clinics, because art heals us.

The meeting in February 2022 with Cécile Chalvet sparked the realization.

Artcurhope’s vocation is to bring well-being to healthcare establishments through the benefits of art, by installing original contemporary works of art and music in ambulatory care rooms, particularly treating dialysis , radiotherapy, chemotherapy. The objective is to create a real living space where the expression of emotion brings together and takes care of patients, those around them and the caregivers. The year 2023 is a year where we lay the foundations of the Endowment Fund model, before deploying it in the following years. The first pilot installation was carried out in the first quarter of 2023, and future installations in hospitals are being deployed.

Get involved with us in the integration of Art and its benefits in care units for the well-being of patients and caregivers !”

Anne de la Roussière
Founder of Arcturus and Artcurhope endowment fund

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