Born in Les Lilas (France), in 1976

Nieves SALZMANN's work powerfully defends real painting and its subtle plays on transparency. The muted tones interweave in quickly brushed urban perspectives draw us (irresistibly) in a dynamic movement toward a magnetic vanishing point. This very mature young artist is to be discovered now.


Exhibitions & art fairs


Oeuvres de Nieves SALMANN exposées - Emission TV "Thé ou Café"



2018 : Schloss Ritzen Museum, « Salzmann / Bottet / Salzmann », Biering collection, Saalfelden, Austria

Austria : Salzburg  (Galerie Welz) ; Vienna (Galerie Artmark, Galerie Artloung, Strabag)
France : Ivry-sur-Seine (Atelier du bout de l’allée) ; Lyon (A.Del gallery) ; Nantes (Galerie La Folie des Arts) ; Paris (Galerie Arcturus, Galerie Weiler)
Germany : Munich (Galerie Burger)

Austria : Hallein (Galerie Freieraume) ; Linz (Galerie In der Schmiede)  ; Saafeld (Musée Schloss Ritzen) ; Salzburg (“Druckgrafik 2013”, Neuhauser Kunstmühle, Galerie Welz) ; Vienna (Galerie Artmark, “Väter und Töchter”, Strabag Artloung, Galerie Exner) ; Zell am See (RHE Galerie)
France : Boulogne-Billancourt (Espace Landowski) ; Lille (Galerie Naclil) ; Paris (Galerie Arcturus)

Austria: Leopold Museum Kunstmesse, Vienna
England : London Original Print Fair, Royal Academy of Art, London
Finland : Triennal of Contemporary Art of Finland
France : Lille Art Fair (Galerie Arcturus) ; Salon des Indépendants, Paris ; Espace Eiffel-Branly, Paris; Salon de Mai, Paris ; Biennale d’Art Contemporain de Nîmes; Foire de Strasbourg
Germany : Karlsruhe Art Fair

2013: Invited for a special project of a lithography ans engraving in Slazburg, Austria ; Artist residency in Pays de Loire, France
2011: Artist residency in Vienna, Austria
2008: Paint Award “STRABAG”, Vienna, Austria
2001: Second Painting Prize « André et Berthe Noufflard » ; Paint Award Michel Ciry, Dieppe, France

2016 : « Nieves Salzmann, Cosmopolitown », Galerie Arcturus, Paris
2014 : « Nieves Salzmann, Autour du monde », Galerie Arcturus, Paris
2012 : « Nieves Salzmann, Sur la route », Galerie Arcturus, Paris


Art reviews

The work of Nieves Salzmann
Is a universe in formation
An awesome construction
Where the material absorbs us
Torments us from first contact

Travelling these deserted avenues
These dehumanized zones
Full of disturbing absences
But filled
With a magnificent presence
Perceptible through this violence
A battleground
Revealed to be terrible
Convulsing bodies
Struggling against the material
Against space and its limits
Against movement and escape towards the unknown
It is moreover a place
Where time does nothing but amplify
Our desire
To pass to the other side
Where shadows are projected
Of translucent icons
Suspended like so many blades
Imprinted upon the walls
Of your home
Fine, light tracings
Nourished by a quivering
And attractive sensuality
You are a passer-by
A combatant siren
Dangerous and fatal
Energy in its pure form

You do not create images
But transfigurations
Of vibrancy
Metallic tones
Hypnotic strokes
Perhaps a song
Which claws
Permeates irreversibly
These opalescent tears
And our souls

You let the light filter
On the battlefield
Where victory belongs to you

Charles POISAY
Paris, March 3 2005