Born in Caldes de Malavella (Spain), in 1967

Lidia MASLLORENS's current project is to create an archetypal portrait of the early twenty-first century. Her works of large size have a strong presence and exude dynamism and remarkable vitality. And this is all the more remarkable because it is a work on paper, a work of withdrawal and not of layering.


Exhibitions & art fairs


Exposition "Oeuvres sur papier"


Entretien de Lidia MASLLORENS pour Radio RFI



 1991 : University of Barcelona, Fine Art

Belgium : Antwerp (Leonhard’s Gallery)
Denmark : Aalborg (Galerie Wolsen)
France : Paris (Galerie Arcturus)
Germany : Koln (Galerie 100 kubik)
Japan : Hikone (The Gallery, Takamiya)
Spain : Barcelona (Fondation Vila Casas, Sala Llorens) ; Caldes de Malavella (Centre cultural), Cassa de la Selva (Centre culturel) ; Girone (Fundation Valvi, Galería Nostrart, Obra ceràmica, Santuari dels Àngels, Maison de la Culture Tomas Lorenzana) ; La Bisbal d’Empordà (Galeria Miquel Alzueta Palau de Casavells) ; Madrid (Manzana Mahou 360) ; Taradell (Centre cultural Can Costa i Font)

Japan : Osaka (Caso)
Spain : Caldes de Malavella (Centre culturel) ; Figueres (Museu de l’Emporda) ; Taradell (Can Costa i Font) ; Terrassa (Sala Minyons) ; Banyoles (Can Ginebreda)  

Belgium : Brussels Fine Art Fair, Brussels ; Antica Namur, Namur ; Affordable Art Fair, Brussels ; Eurantica, Brussels
England : Affordable Art Fair UK, London ; Art16 London
France : Art Paris ; Art Elysées, Paris ; St Art, Strasbourg ; Art Montpellier, Montpellier
Germany : Affordable Art Fair, Hamburg ; Positions Berlin, Berlin : Art Fair, Köln ; Art Dusseldorf
Netherlands : Kunst Rai, Amsterdam ; Art Breda, Breda ; For Real, Amsterdam
Portugal : Just LX, Lisboa
Spain : Art Madrid, Madrid ; Salon Siglo XX, Art Marbella
Swiss : Wopart Lugano, Lugano ; The Solo Project, Basel
United States : SOFA, Chicago ; Art Market, San Francisco ; Art Hamptons, New York ; Art on paper, New York ; Scope, Miami ; Context Art, Miami ; L.A Art Show, Los Angeles 

2013 : Fondation Vila Casas, Painting Award, first Prize, Barcelona, Spain ;
Ynglada Guillot Prize, Drawing Award, Honorable mention, Barcelona, Spain 

2021 : Lidia Masllorens, Rostres / Faces ( 2015-2020), Editorial Gavarres : Cassà de la Selva, Esp.