In line with its predilection for Spanish contemporary painting, Arcturus Gallery is pleased to present the third personnal exhibition in Paris of the painter Alejandro QUINCOCES.
Items to which he devoted himself are mainly urban landscapes: cities, factories, highways, from a distance or up close, that he stares at and subtracts a moment of everyday reality to the incessant flow of time. Through the superposition of layers on wood, he seeks to capture the vibrant light of his environment. It is a mature and very strong work, where the effects of matter and light create subtle vibrations. The artist plays on the tension between abstraction and referential painting.

This exhibition is the one of a contemporary painter whose personality liberates a real inner strength which gives him an air of simplicity and serene strength, and whose work manages to fix a fleeting moment in an eternal moment.

“Œuvres récentes” (“Recent works”)
From March 10th to April 9th, 2016

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