The exhibition “The shadow over life and the city” by Gottfried SALZMANN lasts until October 9, 2021!

“I have always loved the shadow. I have been taking photographs with the shadow for a very long time. And suddenly, with the lockdown, the urge came to take these pictures out and launch me. I like to use a track to the full, a theme that motivates me.

I have a very strong memory in New York, about 10 years ago. I was in an apartment facing southwest, and I spent the morning on the balcony watching, sketching and photographing the shadow moving, jumping from building to building. The shadow moved in architecture and depth, constantly changing the landscape. It is really wonderful to work on the motif, because we live every stage of the movement of light. I work less often outside now, except for sketches, and I like to relive, in the workshop, the emotions of these movements.”

Gottfried SALZMANN, extract from an interview by Anne de la Roussière, septembre 2021


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