The “Silent” photographs by Luzia Simons are on display at the gallery until December 4th !

Luzia Simons is a Brazilian artist represented in numerous public collections in Germany, Brazil, Cuba, France and the United Kingdom.

Since 1996, she has developed a process from a scanner by placing, superposing, a floral composition on the glass plate of the scanner which captures the image by a slow sweep. The rendering is fascinating because of the depth of field, the poetry, the subtle reference to the painting and even the thousand flowers tapestry.

The flowers seem to float on a dense and deep black background, which adds to the immateriality, the timelessness of the composition. Her works invite us to a journey into space. It fixes a moment of climax of beauty that we could not see without her intervention, before the inevitable decay. A reference to beauty, fragility, and perhaps the finitude of our world.

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