Born in Caldes de Malavella (Spain), in 1967

Lidia MASLLORENS's current project is to create an archetypal portrait of the early twenty-first century. Her works of large size have a strong presence and exude dynamism and remarkable vitality. And this is all the more remarkable because it is a work on paper, a work of withdrawal and not of layering.


Exhibitions & art fairs


Exposition "Oeuvres sur papier"


Entretien de Lidia MASLLORENS pour Radio RFI



1991 : University of Barcelona, Fine Art

Denmark : Aalborg (Galerie Wolsen)
France : Paris (Galerie Arcturus)
Japan : Hikone (The Gallery, Takamiya)
Spain : Barcelona (Fondation Vila Casas, Sala Llorens), Caldes de Malavella (Centre cultural), Cassa de la Selva (Centre culturel), Girone (Fundation Valvi, Galería Nostrart, Obra ceràmica, Santuari dels Àngels, Maison de la Culture Tomas Lorenzana), La Bisbal d’Empordà (Galeria Miquel Alzueta Palau de Casavells), Taradell (Centre cultural Can Costa i Font)  

Japan : Osaka (Caso)
Spain : Caldes de Malavella (Centre culturel) ; Taradell (Can Costa i Font) ; Terrassa (Sala Minyons) ; Banyoles (Can Ginebreda)  

Belgium : Brussels Fine Art Fair, Brussels ; Antica Namur, Namur ; Affordable Art Fair, Brussels ; Eurantica, Brussels
England : Affordable Art Fair UK, London ; Art16 London
France : Art Paris ; Art Elysées, Paris ; St Art, Strasbourg ; Art Montpellier, Montpellier
Germany : Affordable Art Fair, Hamburg ; Positions Berlin, Berlin : Art Fair, Köln ; Art Dusseldorf
Netherlands : Kunst Rai, Amsterdam ; Art Breda, Breda ; For Real, Amsterdam
Portugal : Just LX, Lisboa
Spain : Art Madrid, Madrid ; Salon Siglo XX, Art Marbella
Swiss : Wopart Lugano, Lugano ; The Solo Project, Basel
United States : SOFA, Chicago ; Art Market, San Francisco ; Art Hamptons, New York ; Art on paper, New York ; Scope, Miami ; Context Art, Miami ; L.A Art Show, Los Angeles


2013 : Fondation Vila Casas, Painting Award, first Prize, Barcelona, Spain ;
Ynglada Guillot Prize, Drawing Award, Honorable mention, Barcelona, Spain