"Noir et couleurs : un dialogue"

A partir d’une œuvre de Thibaut de Réimpré, peintre expressionniste abstrait français qui nous a quitté le 7 février dernier, se sont naturellement présentées des œuvres dans lesquelles le noir était présent, voire fort, et mettait particulièrement en valeur la couleur que l’artiste avait choisi de faire dialoguer.

Ce dialogue libre et exaltant entre divers artistes qui jouent entre ombre et lumière pour nous faire vibrer est à découvrir jusqu’au 20 mai prochain !

Avec Arthur Aeschbacher, Miguel Macaya, Thibaut de Réimpré, Gottfried Salzmann, Gabriel Schmitz.

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"Hommage à Arthur AESCHBACHER"

Ce mois de mars est le mois du dessin et donc du papier !

Et c’est le 3 avril 1923 que naquit Arthur Aeschbacher en Suisse. Une occasion unique de rendre hommage à ce créateur poète inclassable, qui vivait en poésie et en légèreté. Il maniait les lettres formellement avec son travail d’affichiste créateur et jouait avec elles pour former des poèmes à son image. Couleurs, épaisseur, décrochements forment des tableaux uniques, dont le matériau vient de la rue, et nous transportent dans un univers dansant, joyeux et réjouissant.

Il a présenté sa première exposition en 1952 sous le patronage d’André Breton, et Jacques Prévert préface le catalogue de sa deuxième exposition.

Du 21 mars au 15 avril 2023 !

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"An Inner Journey"

The Arcturus Gallery invites you to start the year with “An Inner Journey”. Living in the present moment, rethinking concrete realities, focusing on our senses – these concepts, both philosophical and spiritual, make us question our existence – as well as the way we perceive our environment and ourselves.

With Regina Gimenez, travel through ordinary spaces, carried by a sense of strangeness. Tim Hall plunges our gaze into the immensity of the desert or the infinite horizon of the sea. And Tony Soulié takes photographs, then gives them this inimitable patina which is his trademark.

To be discovered at the Arcturus Gallery,

From January 25th to March 4th 2023 !


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"Flower power, what traces among the artists of the gallery? "

To extend the lightness and freedom provided by the holidays and this beautiful season that is summer, the ARCTURUS gallery is offering a back-to-school exhibition under the sign of “Flower Power”, and its trace in the work of artists from the gallery.

A journey from the famous photograph taken by Marc Riboud of “the girl with the flower” in front of the Pentagon in October 1967, through the bohemian Lower East Side of NY photographed by Hervé Gloaguen, to younger artists, Alfons Alt, Luzia Simons, and Tony Soulié, each interpreting “Flower Power” in the light of their personal universe and their media.

To discover at the Arcturus Gallery,
September 14 to October 29 !

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The Arcturus gallery wishes you happy holidays and looks forward to seeing you in September !


We wish you a relaxing and rejuvenating holidays with many discoveries in the field of painting, musique and reading !
Take the time to browse on the gallery’s website and our social network, read or reread the articles, newsletters and posts : Site Arcturus, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook.

We remain active and at your disposal by email. We are available to communicate and discuss on  the artists of the gallery and on our consulting activity

In addition, discover ArtCurHope, the endowment fund created by Arcturus Gallery, Anne de la Roussière and Cécile Chalvet on Linkedin and Instagram.


To open our minds to the imaginary, to poetry, to the unsaid, to dialogue, we are offering a summer exhibition around Abstraction, highlighting the variety of views of the gallery artists who have chosen this way, or those who dive into it on certain occasions.


Franck DUMINIL, or lyrical abstraction
YLAG or fractal abstraction
Tim HALL or abstraction captured in nature
Thibaut de REIMPRE or bubbling abstraction


To discover at the Arcturus Gallery,
From June 14 to July 23!


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Paris Gallery Week-end from May 19 to 22



” For four days, follow the routes through one gallery to another, discover a large number of exhibitions, meet and talk with artists and key art players ”

Paris Gallery Weekend offers 7 original tours, with free access, in 105 galleries in four Parisian districts, all motivated to deploy a common energy and to promote Paris as an essential capital of art.

The exhibition Visages et Silhouettes is to be discovered at the Arcturus gallery.

Opening this Sunday from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.!

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Visages & silhouettes : Lidia Masllorens et Gabriel Schmitz exposent à la galerie

This month of May, we highlight the human and its representation with two artists from the gallery!

Lidia MASLLORENS, Spanish painter, plans to create an archetype of the portrait of this beginning of the 21st century. Painting humans and their emotions is what motivates her. His large-scale works have great sensitivity, a strong presence, and exude dynamism and vitality combined with real poetry.

Gabriel SCHMITZ, German painter, has an approach of constant curiosity for the human, and that his conscience and his unconscious. He intensely weaves an invisible web linking the real beings that are the painter and the spectators, to his human subjects whose deep emotions he transmits to us.

Exhibition from May 3 to 31!


This year, the Arcturus gallery celebrates its 10 years of friendship with the artist Alejandro Quincoces and presents its 5th personal exhibition.

The subjects to which he devotes himself are essentially urban landscapes: cities, factories, highways… seen from far or near, which he fixes, thus subtracting a moment from daily reality from the incessant flow of time. Through the superposition of firm layers on wood, he seeks to capture the vibrant light of his surroundings. It is a mature, strong work, where the effects of matter and light create subtle vibrations; the artist plays on the tension between abstraction and figurative painting.
This exhibition is that of a contemporary painter whose personality exudes a real inner strength that gives him an air of simplicity and serene solidity, and whose work manages to transform a fleeting moment into an eternal moment.

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New Year



We wish you a joyfull year filled with opportunities to laugh, danse, sing, pray, dream, vibrate, act, exchange, create, love, embrace, discover, share, admire, walk, travel, advance, transmit, and be transformed through the benefits of art !

A Look at 2021

2021 ends …

The Arcturus gallery has exhibited “L’ombre sur la vi…lle” by Gottfried Salzmann, watercolours between Paris and New York. And for the first time at the gallery, photographer Luzia Simons unveiled “Silent”, sublime still lifes of flowers.

The ARCTURUS Gallery closes its doors for the Christmas holidays, from December 24, 2021 to January 07, 2022.  We wish you a very merry Christmas and a good rest.

We stay active and listen to you by mail or on social networks, Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook.

We are available to communicate and exchange about the artists of the gallery and also about our art advisory activity.

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The "Silent" photographs by Luzia Simons are on display at the gallery until December 4th !

Luzia Simons is a Brazilian artist represented in numerous public collections in Germany, Brazil, Cuba, France and the United Kingdom.

Since 1996, she has developed a process from a scanner by placing, superposing, a floral composition on the glass plate of the scanner which captures the image by a slow sweep. The rendering is fascinating because of the depth of field, the poetry, the subtle reference to the painting and even the thousand flowers tapestry.

The flowers seem to float on a dense and deep black background, which adds to the immateriality, the timelessness of the composition. Her works invite us to a journey into space. It fixes a moment of climax of beauty that we could not see without her intervention, before the inevitable decay. A reference to beauty, fragility, and perhaps the finitude of our world.

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A Sunday at the gallery


The gallery will welcome you from 2pm to 6pm on Sunday 7 November for the exhibition “Silencieuses”, photographs, by Luzia Simons.

The 7th edition of Un Dimanche à la galerie, a joint opening day for art galleries throughout France, pursues the initial objective of reaching a new audience – or too rarely present in galleries; to report on the diversity of the artistic proposals of the galleries in France; and to make known the indispensable role of the gallery owner in promoting the work of the artists.

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"Silencieuses" photographs by Luzia Simons : opening on November 03

Luzia SIMONS is exhibited at the Galerie ARCTURUS for the first time as part of PHOTODAYS festival !

We are pleased to present photographs from the “Stockage” series, unveiled for the first time.

“Luzia Simons scans in the smallest detail an overall composition, building a realistic, sensitive picture, an imposing work with a prodigious definition and  depth of field that only the human eye can capture. The flowers seem to float on a dense and deep black background, which adds to the immateriality, the timelessness of the composition … She fixes a moment of climax of beauty that we could not see without her intervention, before the inevitable decay. A reference to beauty, fragility, and perhaps the finitude of our world.”

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The exhibition "The shadow over life and the city" by Gottfried SALZMANN lasts until October 9, 2021!

“I have always loved the shadow. I have been taking photographs with the shadow for a very long time. And suddenly, with the lockdown, the urge came to take these pictures out and launch me. I like to use a track to the full, a theme that motivates me.

I have a very strong memory in New York, about 10 years ago. I was in an apartment facing southwest, and I spent the morning on the balcony watching, sketching and photographing the shadow moving, jumping from building to building. The shadow moved in architecture and depth, constantly changing the landscape. It is really wonderful to work on the motif, because we live every stage of the movement of light. I work less often outside now, except for sketches, and I like to relive, in the workshop, the emotions of these movements.”

Gottfried SALZMANN, extract from an interview by Anne de la Roussière, septembre 2021


Opening Thursday September 9 : works by Gottfried SALZMANN !

Back to school is exciting with ARCTURUS !
Come on September 9 to meet Gottfried SALZMANN and discover the exhibition “The shadow over life and the city”.

In a set of varied watercolor of which he is undoubtedly the contemporary master, Gottfried SALMZANN explores in this new series the shadow, therefore the light. He explores the way in which shadow slightly or more heavily covers the glass or brick architecture of New York or the stone buildings of Paris. It’s like a light presence and elegant veil through which one can see the shimmers or the structures of the buidings, which subtly reveals the details of the walls and streets.

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Summer break !

Let’s meet on September 9 for a beautiful exhibition of new works by Gottfried SALZMANN entitled “Shadow over life … and city”.

We wish you a wonderful summer, and you can take the time to stroll on the gallery website and on our social networks !


www.galerie arcturus.com

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Retrouvailles ! July at the gallery !

Arcturus is open until July 28 !

By adjourning the holidays, come and see the Norman cliffs of Gottfried SALZMANN
« Brise lame I », 1990, Watercolor on canvas, 32.5 x 50 cm

You will also travel with the photographs of Marc RIBOUD, the oils on wood of Miguel MACAYA, the enhanced photographs of Tony SOULIE, the portraits of Gabriel SCHMITZ … and all the artists of the gallery !



Paris Gallery Weekend is organizing its 8th edition with 127 participating Parisian galleries, more than 300 artists represented and 7 itineraries throughout Greater Paris !

June 3 to 6  : from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

An event organized this year by the Comité des galeries d’art

Practical information to find here : https://lnkd.in/g36hCu7 

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Retrouvailles !

On the occasion of this reunion…

We will present a selection of photographs by Marc RIBOUD at a time when the major retrospective dedicated to him will open at the Musée National des Arts Asiatiques de Guimet.

You will also have the opportunity to discover new works by Lidia MASLLORENS, oils on wood by Miguel MACAYA ; we will also unveil works recently arrived at Gottfried SALZMANN’s gallery.

We are available to communicate and discuss the artists of the gallery.

We are also available as part of our consulting activity: whether you want to transform your interior or give meaning to your business premises, our support will guide you towards artists according to your artistic affinities to find the work that will be right for you. true to your values and participate in your history.

Confined ... but always there for you!


Arcturus Gallery is temporarily closed to the public due to new measures announced by the government.

While waiting to meet you rue de Seine, we are active and listening to you by email or on social networks, Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook.

We are available to communicate about gallery’s artists.

We are also available as part of our consulting activity: whether you want to transform your interior or give meaning to the premises of your company, our support will guide you to artists according to your artistic affinities to find the work that will be faithful to yours values.
To know more.

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New exhibition of the Arcturus gallery artists


Collective exhibition at the ARCTURUS Gallery,

“Sans titre”, mixed media on photo, 2020

Julien DRACH
“Still Life polaroid # 26”, digital print on Fine art paper, 2018

“Sans titre (hydroculture)”, oil on wood, 2012

Gottfried SALZMANN
“New York”, watercolor on paper, 2012

Powerful works to discover,
Until March 30

Best wishes 2021 !

May this New Year be full with art and discovery!

Julien DRACH’s “Still Life Polaroid” exhibition runs until January 23, as part of PHOTO DAYS.

A bright and captivating work that will enchant your daily life.

We wish you a wonderful year 2021!

A look at 2020

2020 … a special year …

Arcturus welcomed Gabriel SCHMITZ and the exhibition “Le Pas Suspendu” (after two months of waiting), and a new artist of the gallery, Julien DRACH for his exhibition “Still Life Polaroid” (after a month of waiting).

The ARCTURUS Gallery is closing its doors for the winter holidays, from December 24, 2020 to January 06, 2021.

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"Still Life Polaroid", photographs by Julien Drach to discover !

The first exhibition of photographer Julien DRACH is presented at the Galerie ARCTURUS, as part of PHOTO DAYS from December 8, 2020 to January 23, 2021.

“In this series « Still life Polaroid » the starting point of each shot is a staging inspired by a beautiful set of Italian vases found by the artist, against a background of his own photos of abstract walls that evoke paintings; walls marked by the erosion of time and of course Italy, one of the photographer’s primary sources of inspiration.”

A fine, poetic and luminous work to come and discover !

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Let's meet at the Arcturus Gallery from November 28!

We are very happy to see you again from Saturday November 28 at the ARCTURUS Gallery with a varied proposal to please you.

Paintings, photographs, sculptures :
Alejandro QUINCOCES, Gottfried SALZMANN, Tim HALL, Alfons ALT, Gabriel SCHMITZ, Lidia MASLLORENS.
Oil on canvas, watercolor on paper, bronze, pigment print on paper, oil on wood, acrylic on paper.

P.S : Julien DRACH’s “Still Life Polaroid” exhibition will be held from December 8 to January 23.

Julien Drach Exhibition ... Lockdown

Arcturus Gallery will be closed during act 2 of the confinement, Julien DRACH’s exhibition is postponed.

waiting for brighter days, you can discover the photographs in preview here:
Julien DRACH – Still Life Polaroid

While waiting to meet you, we remain at your disposal by email and on social networks, we are available to communicate and discuss the works of Julien DRACH or those of other artists in the gallery!

We wish you the best for the weeks to come.

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Art week -Le Pari (s)

Every year in October, Paris welcomes the whole world to the rhythm of art. This year, the Comité des Galeries d’Art makes the PARI(S) of a unifying communication for the art week of October 19 to 25.

In Greater Paris, nearly 200 galleries responded to the call to participate in the Nocturne des Galeries on Thursday, October 22, for which the CPGA is pleased to partner this year with FIAC and the opening on Sunday, October 25.

The gallery ARCTURUS will be open Thursday 22 October until 20h and Sunday 25 October from 14:30 to 18:30

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Meeting with Gabriel Schmitz - exhibition's last days

The exhibition “Le Pas suspendu” continues until September 19.

We invite you to meet Gabriel SCHMITZ:

  • Vernissage in small groups on the evenings of Thursday 17th and Friday 18th September
    To reserve your time slot: Click here


  • Face to face in the afternoon of Thursday 17th or Friday 18th September.
    To book your time slot: Click here


  • Café-biscuit on Saturday, September 19, throughout the afternoon, from 2:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.


We are happy to see you again for this artistic return


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We are happy to come back !


We are happy to see you back for an exciting and stimulating artistic return !
From September 10 at the usual times.

Painting, Sculpture, Photography!

Peter ZUPNIK at Galerie Mesta, Levoca, Slovakia

This exhibition in his hometown of Levoca features photographs from the 1980s to the present day. Each of the animal-themed photographs, like Župník’s other projects, only reaffirms the artist’s varying ability to see the world around us.

Curator: Ela Porubänová (curator of the Miloš Alexander Bazovský gallery project in Trenčín)

Exhibition: August 26 – September 25, 2000

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Gabriel SCHMITZ, "Le pas suspendu", until September 15


We are happy to finally present you “Le Pas Suspendu”,
exhibition of recent works by Gabriel SCHMITZ.

An ode to humans, to the grace of bodies, to movements,
In suspended time, with calm and silent breathing.

To discover from June 26 to September 15.

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A new selection from Arcturus gallery, from June 11 to 14

Saint-Germain-des-Prés’s Galleries federate and offer the operation “Visitons nos Galeries”.

Anne de la Roussière welcomes you to share her passion for art and make you discover the Arcturus gallery’s artists.
A great opportunity to (re)discover the emotion that comes from real contact with art and the dialogue that surrounds it.

We look forward to sharing with you!

#VisitonsNosGaleries #VisitOurGalleries
From June 11 (night until 9 p.m.) to June 14 (opening from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m.).

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Reopening of the gallery by appointment, 7 days on 7 !


We hope that you and your loved ones are doing well and that this unprecedented period has allowed you to refocus on the essentials, of which everyday art is of course a part!

We are very happy to be able to meet you on rue de Seine by appointment at a time that suits you. A new hanging of the artists of the gallery is to be discovered.

For your well-being and safety, we will provide you with hydro-alcoholic gel and ask you to come in masqued ball outfit !

After the virtual journey with ARCTURUS, make way for the emotion of direct contact with the works, and the joy of exchange. And to support artists and their galleries ….

Message after one month in quarantine

Message from Anne de la Roussière : Travel with ARCTURUS !

We have been living in this surprising and suspended time for 1 month. After unbelief and amazement, concern for each one of us, admiration for health professionals and anonymous workers who allow us to live in isolation, comes the time to try to be master of time, to think about living on the daily basis in the essentials and imagine the next world.

We do not know what the next world will be, and we believe that good developments will emerge from this unprecedented crisis.

What I know, what I believe, what I have supported for more than 20 years with ARCTURUS (and even before!), is that art is essential to our life, to our humanity, to our deep well-being; the works come to give meaning, depth and richness to our lives. In the next world, this search for deep well-being through art will have an even more central place.

You have probably experienced the fact that observing a painting or a sculpture moves you, excites you, makes you vibrate, makes you dream, transforms you, soothes you. And by looking at the same work every day, you discover nuances, materials, lights, new vibrations. This is what I wish to transmit to you in these difficult times: let us cultivate this look towards art, towards contemporary art as close as possible to each one, towards the living art of our time!

This is what I wish to transmit to you in these difficult times : let us cultivate this look towards art, towards contemporary art as close as possible to everyone, towards the living art of our time!

While waiting to meet us on Rue de Seine, take care of yourself and your loved ones, live life to the fullest surrounded by works of art.

And travel on our website!

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Arcturus gallery is in quarantine

We are in quarantine with art that beautifies life and transforms the world, and with you on internet and social networks.

While waiting to meet you rue de Seine, we are active and listening to you by email or on social networks, LinkedinInstagram and Facebook.

We are available to communicate about gallery’s artists.

Take care !

Anne de la Roussière interviewed by Mid & Plus magazine


Thanks to Michèle Robach and Mid & Plus for this great meeting.

“It’s pleasant to stroll through certain districts of Paris and in particular the 6th arrondissement where, near the prestigious School of Fine Arts, contemporary art continues to flourish in its great diversity. There, in the number 65 rue de Seine, Anne de la Roussière has just celebrated the 20th anniversary of her gallery Arcturus: a judicious choice of living artists whose originality is that they are mostly European.”

Read more (in french) …

A choice from the Arcturus gallery

Lidia Masllorens, Litho n°11, Digital print enhanced with handbrushed acrylic.
Marta Moreu, Diosa de la creacion, Bronze; Nina sobre cabra III, Bronze
Alejandro Quincoces, Luz de mañana NY, Oil on wood; Structure bajo la lluvia, Oil on canvas

Also with: Gottfried Salzmann, Alfons Alt, Thibaut de Reimpré, Marc Riboud, Hervé Gloaguen, Peter Zupnik.

Collective exhibition to discover.
Until March 14th at the Arcturus Gallery.

Best wishes 2020


⭐    ⭐    ⭐    ⭐    ⭐   ⭐    ⭐    ⭐    ⭐    ⭐    ⭐    ⭐    ⭐

⭐             ⭐             ⭐             ⭐             ⭐             ⭐             ⭐

We wish you a happy new year 2020 !          ⭐

⭐    ⭐    ⭐    ⭐    ⭐   ⭐    ⭐    ⭐    ⭐    ⭐    ⭐    ⭐    ⭐

⭐             ⭐             ⭐             ⭐             ⭐             ⭐             ⭐

A look at 2019

A great year for the Arcturus Gallery, marked by our 20 years and exciting exhibitions!

Our 20 years were an opportunity to organize a party to celebrate the artists, thank customers and friends,
greet the collaborators and journalists who accompanied us on this great adventure

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Christmas exhibition : small works, great emotions !


Give your loved ones great emotions with small works by our artists.


Gabriel Schmitz, Fur die Katz, 2019, Oil on canvas

Tim Hall, Dune XIV, 2004, Black and white toned sepia gelatin silver print

Marc Riboud, Douves d’Angkor Vat, 1969, black and white silver print


Paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, are to be discovered rue de Seine or on this website.


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Publication : Hervé Gloaguen is one of the photographers put forward by Michel Poivert in "50 ans de photographie française - de 1970 à nos jours"

Hervé GLOAGUEN, photographer of the contemporary French scene participates in the work of Michel Poivert,

The photograph “Les baigneuses, Suède, 1974” is in the spotlight,

The Arcturus Gallery offers this picture of the artist … and many others!

New hanging of the gallery artists

Collective exhibition,
Strong works to discover !

Lidia MASLLORENS, “Litho n ° 9”, 2017, Digital print enhanced with handbrushed acrylic

Juliette LOSQ, “Limina”, 2013, Ink and watercolor on paper

Tony SOULIE, “Untitled”, 1998, Mixed media on photo

Until Saturday, November 2nd.

Alejandro Quincoces's Exhibition - Until October 12

Oils on wood by Alejandro QUINCOCES are exhibited until October 12 at the ARCTURUS Gallery.

“In line with its predilection for Spanish contemporary painting developped since 20 years, Arcturus Gallery is pleased to present the fourth personnal exhibition in Paris of the painter Alejandro QUINCOCES.
This artist born in Bilbao in 1951, with an unusual path, had a passion from an early age as much for music as for painting. He began his studies of Fine Arts at the age of 36, and quickly gets a real recognition in Spain with many awards, and presence in many collections. He is also exhibited regularly in Europe and the United States.”

Come discover this dazzling work!

Opening Thrusday September 17 : Alejandro Quincoces presents his "New Paintings"

An abstract line to represent the urban space, a soft and poetic light that evokes different times of the day and the seasons, a vibrant material that gives substance to the work.

Personal exhibition of the Spanish artist Alejandro QUINCOCES – From September 17 to October 12, 2019


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A sunday at the gallery : Arcturus opens Sunday, September 15th


Organized by the Professional Committee of Art Galleries, “A Sunday at the Gallery” celebrates its 5th edition,

The gallery opens its doors from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.!

Come and stroll in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, discover the new hanging « Le papier dans tout ses état » at the Arcturus Gallery.

Photographs by Marc Riboud and Hervé Gloaguen, lithographs by Lidia Masllorens, watercolors by Gottfried Salzmann, drawings by Nieves Salzmann, resin-pigment types by Alfons Alt.


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Opening thursday may 16 - Gottfried Salzmann "Vagues, très vagues"


The sea,
Abstract landscapes,
Collages and Watercolors,
A work exhibited for the first time.

Gottfried SALZMANN – “Vagues, très vagues…”
Exhibition from May 16 to June 15, 2019

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1999 - 2019 : 20 years in pictures

ARCTURUS Gallery is celebrating its 20th anniversary ! Back in pictures about the events of the Gallery.

During these 20 years, nearly 125 exhibitions ; Individual and collective exhibitions, openings, Outside the walls and Fairs ; Have allowed many meetings between artists and collectors.

Happy Birthday !

A beautiful spring evening


ARCTURUS Gallery has happily celebrated its 20th anniversary with most artists, faithful collectors and friends.

Thank you all for your presence !

“20 years, 20 artists!” exhibits until April 27

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20 years, 20 artists ! Opening Thursday March 28th

20 years, 20 artists !

A party
to celebrate the artists who made us vibrate,
to thank the clients and friends of the gallery who followed us and made a concrete commitment by choosing works to embellish their daily life, or that of their offices,
to salute collaborators and journalists who broadcast our choices, as well as the numerous people who have intervened in everyday life.

A party for all those who accompanied us on this wonderful adventure !

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Women Artists from Arcturus Gallery


On this March 8,
Anne de la ROUSSIÈRE is proud to highlight the six women artists of the Gallery:

Sans titre, 2007, Mixed media on canvas, 130 x 162 cm

Juliette LOSQ
Lair, 2013, Ink and watercolor on paper, 50.2 x 75 cm

Lito, 2020, Edition numérique avec rehaut original acrylique, 149 x 217 cm

Mujer Tumbada III, 2009, Bronze, 36 x 64 x 13 cm

Table verte trois pieds, Inclusion resin, 50 x 37 x 30 cm

Dyptique, 2010, Huile sur toile, 100 x 100 x 2 cm

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best wishes 2019




We wish you a happy new year 2019 !





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Regard sur l'année 2018

  • Gabriel SCHMITZ
    « Un lieu nommé silence »
  • Miguel MACAYA
    « Peintures récentes »
  • Musée de la Grande Chartreuse
    Franck DUMINIL, Patricia ERBELDING, Tim HALL, YLAG
    « Œuvres sur papier »
  • Alfons ALT
    « Jamais ombre ne fût si douce… », photographies

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Christmas Exhibition

Come to discover the photographs of Marc RIBOUD, Herve GLOAGUEN, Tim HALL and Alfons ALT; the works on paper by Nieves SALZMANN and Lidia MASLLORENS, Ivan FRANCO and Gottfried SALZMANN; the furniture and mirrors of Hélène de SAINT LAGER, and Marta MOREU’s sculptures …

Paintings, Photographs, Furniture, Sculptures !

December 4th – January 12th

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Opening Tuesday November 6th, Alfons ALT, "Never shadow was so sweet…", Photography resino-pigmentype

ARCTURUS Gallery presents Alfons ALT and his resino-pigmentypes photographs

Alfons ALT, of German origin, produces unique images. He patiently transforms photographs taken with a camera, working them with a brush to fix the pigments according to the resin-pigment type process invented in the middle of the 19th century, updated by him. He uses this old photographic technique to produce images whose modernity cannot be denied nor confused with old photographs.

” Alfons Alt pushes the language of the image that separates painting from photography
and photography from painting without this limit being ever crossed or exceeded. ”
(Sally Bonn, from Bestiaire, éd. Actes Sud)

From November 7th to December 1st, 2018

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Opening Tuesday October 2nd - Lidia Masllorens "Works on paper"

ARCTURUS Gallery exhibits Spanish artist Lidia MASLLORENS

After being exhibited for the first time outside of Spain at the ARCTURUS Gallery in 2016, we are happy to present his 2nd solo exhibition in Paris.

Exhibition from October 2nd to November 3rd 2018

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Back to Paris !


Group exhibition at ARCTURUS gallery

Gottfried SALZMANN,
Alejandro QUINCOCES,
Gabriel SCHMITZ,
Miguel MACAYA,

Exhibition from 12th to 29th September

Hervé ABBADIE exhibits at Espace VERTBOIS, Paris


A project by Martin BREUTER and Arno GISINGER
Guest artists: Hervé ABBADIE, Klemens GRUND, Gert GSCHWENDTNER, Peter KOGLER and Jérémy PAJEANC

Exhibition from August 28th to September 13th, 2018
Finishing on September 13th at 7 pm in the presence of the artists

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The SALZMANN family exhibits at the Schloss Ritzen Museum in Saafeld - Austria

Special Exhibition “Gottfried SALZMANN / Nicole BOTTET / Nieves SALZMANN”
The private collection Biering will be made available to the publicfor the first time, at the Schloss Ritzen Museum in Saafeld, Austria

From May 6th to October 6th, 2018


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Thibaut de REIMPRE exhibits at Seignosse and Chartres - France


Thibaut de REIMPRE exhibits in Seignosse, France
From June 16th to September 6th, 2018

and at Eurélium as part of Artsitinerance, in Chartres, France

From June 21st to September 30th, 2018



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Franck DUMINIL, Tim HALL and YLAG invited to the Museum of the Grande Chartreuse - Saint Pierre de Chartreuse


Artists interpret solitude and silence at the Musée de la Grande Chartreuse
From June 24th to November 4th, 2018

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Hervé Gloaguen'S EXHIBITION AT THE cultural center of st raphaël - France


“Jazz en scènes”
From June 16th to July 28th, 2018



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Arcturus Gallery is taking some time off this summer

See you on the 12 th of September from 2 pm …
Please stay in touch !!

www.galerie arcturus.com

Good holidays !

Opening Thursday may 31st - Miguel Macaya


ARCTURUS Gallery presents Miguel MACAYA and his “Recent Works”

“And then you have to see this work for real …
You have to approach it, almost to the point of touching it.
Feel all the poetry of the universe ?

This subtlety between the tones, these resonances between the objects represented …
Do you perceive the mystery that emanates from this painting …” Ludovic Duhamel

Exhibition from 31 May to 30 June 2018

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This May, ARCTURUS Gallery exhibits women …

Until May 26, come and discover …

The lightness of balancing sculptures
by Marta MOREU,

The strength of the urban perspectives
by Nieves SALZMANN,

The sensibility of the portraits to the oil
by Gabriel SCHMITZ,

The power of the eyes

The subtlety of Ivan FRANCO’s “photographic” oils,

The peaceful world of Regina GIMENEZ’s compositions …

It's Spring - New installation at the Arcturus Gallery

We celebrates spring and our artists …

Come and Enjoy …

The photographic landscapes of Tim HALL,
The works on paper of Nieves SALZMANN,
The oil portraits of Gabriel SCHMITZ,
The urban landscapes of Juliette LOSQ,
The lyric works of Thibaut de REIMPRE

Opening Thursday March 8th - Gabriel SCHMITZ, "A place called silence"

We will celebrate, on this occasion, his 18 years of exposure at the gallery !

His subject is the man, his body, his gestures, as a reflection of his deep emotions. His painting is silent, and as María Palau says in a recent article “Silence is a language and we must know its rules”.

Exhibition from 8 to 31 March 2018

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New installation in February !

See the February installation at the ARCTURUS Gallery !

Including works by Thibaut de REIMPRE, Gottfried SALZMANN, Miguel MACAYA, Marc RIBOUD, Marta MOREU.

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Best wishes 2018 !


Anne de la Roussière
wish you a wonderful year, full of artistic discoveries,
of music, laughter, projects,
of contemplation, of emotions
and many share!



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A look at 2017


  • Ivan FRANCO et Miguel MACAYA
    « Un face à face espagnol »
  • Thibaut de REIMPRE
    « 25 ans de fracas, de combustions et d’aventure »
  • Gottfried SALZMANN
    « D’en haut et d’en bas »
  • Marc RIBOUD
    « La jeune fille à la fleur»


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Christmas Exhibition

November 28th – December 23rd

For the end of year , the ARCTURUS Gallery presents its Christmas Exhibition. Paintings, Photographs, Sculptures: The artists of the gallery exhibit in collective !

Find Lidia MASLLORENS’s new works on paper, Marc RIBOUD’s humanistic photographs, Gabriel SCHMITZ’s oil portraits, Marta MOREU’s balancing sculptures …

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Philippe SECLIER will be present at the gallery from 2 pm to 4 pm for the signature of the book “La Jeune fille à la fleur, Histoire d’une photographie”

“Here we discover the story and behind the scenes, thanks to the eyes of Philippe Séclier, nourished by archives and interviews with the photographer who died in 2016. Jan Rose Kasmir, the young girl with the flower, signs the afterword. »

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Exhibition from November 3rd to 25th, 2017

Exhibition’s opening with Catherine RIBOUD and Philippe SECLIER, author of the book « La jeune fille à la fleur, Histoire d’une photographie », edition Le Seuil, collection Fiction & Cie.

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October 21st, 1967 – October 21st, 2017

For Marc Riboud, the year 1967 will remain that of “The Young Girl with a Flower”.

Fifty years after the famous photo of “La jeune fille à la fleur”, here is the book “La jeune fille à la fleur, Histoire d’une photographie”, published by Le Seuil.

This book, prefaced by Jan Rose Kasmir and accompanied by a text by Philippe Séclier, will show the color version of the famous photo, contact sheet and other images of the demonstration before and after this “decisive moment”

“1967. The Vietnam War gets bogged down. In the United States, pacifists are increasingly vocal. They decide to challenge President Lyndon Johnson by meeting on October 21 in Washington DC, around the Lincoln Memorial basin. They are about 100,000. At the end of the day, half of them head for the Pentagon. Photographer Marc Riboud made the trip. He is one of the few European photojournalists to be on site, and suddenly he seizes a surprising face-to-face: a 17-year-old young woman, Jan Rose Kasmir, approaches the row of rifles with bayonets , a flower in hand. The photograph, taken at dusk, will go around the world. The girl with a flower is one of those images that has a story” …

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Opening on Thursday September 28th, 2017 - Gottfried Salzmann "From above and from below"

ARCTURUS Gallery celebrates 15 years of collaboration with Gottfried SALZMANN

After having surveyed the rural landscapes by representing them in charcoal and watercolour, Gottfried Salzmann was absolutely fascinated by metropolises,
protean urban landscapes. Their verticality, the labyrinthine proliferation buildings, the plunging views day and night, the various reflections, the strata of graffiti or posters have nourished his works in recent times years.
He is unquestionably one of the most brilliant contemporary artists using watercolor. His preferred medium, which he associates with neighboring disciplines what are drawing, engraving, photography, acrylic and oil painting, and even with posters that he tears down himself in New York. In the sometimes working in parallel, sometimes looking for interactions, mixes. And always around the paper! By constantly trying new marriages, new overlays.

Exhibition from September 28th to October 28th, 2017

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A Sunday at the gallery : Arcturus is open Sunday September 24th, 2017

The Professional Committee of Art Galleries organizes the third edition of “A Sunday at the Gallery”
ARCTURUS Gallery participates in the event
Sunday September 24th, 2017

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The ARCTURUS Gallery website is new !
This is the ideal opportunity to discover (or rediscover) the talent of our artists ….

And because two good news it’s better,
The ARCTURUS Gallery adopted a new logo!

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Group exhibitions of the 12 artists selected for “The Contemporary British Painting Prize”
The Stables Gallery, Orleans House, Richmond Museum – London

From August 25th to October 22nd, 2017

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Peter Zupnik's exhibition at the NIKON PHOTO GALLERY - PRAGUE


“Night Memories – Prague 1983”
From July 20th to August 20th, 2017

Peter Zupnik’s exhibition to Printemps des Arts - Chantilly


“Petits tableaux de Chantilly”

From April 7th to July 3rd, 2017



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A NEW VIDEO ! Thibaut de Reimpre’s exhibition at ARCTURUS GALLERY - PARIS


Thibaut de Reimpré
“Selected pieces, 25 years of crash, burning and adventure”

From May 18th to June 17th, 2017

Exhibition "Marc RIBOUD, Cuba 1963" at Fototeca - Havana


For the first time, Marc RIBOUD’s exhibition at Fototeca, in Havana

From April 28th to May 28th, 2017

Marta MOREU : Radio Interview "Especiès Protegides" 


Interview of Marta MOREU and Helena MIQUEL on SER Catalunya radio

” Especiès Protegides” (“Protected Species”)
April 27th, 2017

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Spring exhibition with our artists :

Miguel MACAYA, Lidia MASLLORENS, Gottfried SALZMANN, Alejandro QUINCOCES, Tim HALL, Renny TAIT, Nieves SALZMANN…

From April 7th to May 14th, 2017

Miguel Macaya and Ivan Franco at ARCTURUS GALLERY ! A NEW VIDEO


“A Spanish face to face”

Miguel MACAYA and Ivan FRANCO

From February 23th to March 25th, 2017

best wishes 2017






We continue to walk with you in 2017 !







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A look at 2016

  • First personal exhibition in France of Lidia MASLLORENS
    “Oeuvres sur papier”
  • Alejandro QUINCOCES
    “Oeuvres récentes”
  • Gabriel SCHMITZ
    “Être ému par une image”
  • Nieves SALZMANN
  • Hervé GLOAGUEN
    “New York au temps d’Andy Warhol”

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Hervé ABBADIE’s exhibition at Espace Niemeyer - Paris



At the invitation of the Musée de la Poste : “Rêver le chantier” at Espace Niemeyer


From November 30th to December 18th, 2016






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The Professional Committee of Art Galleries organizes the second edition of “A Sunday at the Gallery”
ARCTURUS Gallery participates in the event
Sunday November 27th, 2016

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“New York at the time of Andy WARHOL”

From November 3rd to 27th, 2016

Tribute to Marc Riboud at Musée d'art moderne de la ville de paris


“Marc RIBOUD : Dans les collections permanentes”

From October 28th, 2016 to Junary 27th, 2017


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Nieves SALZMANN's artworks on TV show "Thé ou Café"


Artworks by Nieves SALZMANN exhibited during the TV show “Thé ou Café : Portrait intimiste de Miossec”

September 10th, 2016


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Marc Riboud's photographs at Espace Leica of Photofairs Shanghai - China


“Visual Stories on China :
Leica photography from 1933 until now”

September 9th to 11th, 2016



It’s summer at the ARCTURUS Gallery!

A collective exhibition of our artists:

Marta MOREU, Didier MASSARD, Gabriel SCHMITZ
and the other artists of the gallery…

From June 21 to July 16, 2016

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“Être ému par une image” (“Being moved by an image”)

Exhibition to discover
from May 18th to June 19th, 2016






Discover ARCTURUS Gallery on Instagram….







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In line with its predilection for Spanish contemporary painting, Arcturus Gallery is pleased to present the third personnal exhibition in Paris of the painter Alejandro QUINCOCES.

Items to which he devoted himself are mainly urban landscapes: cities, factories, highways, from a distance or up close, that he stares at and subtracts a moment of everyday reality to the incessant flow of time. Through the superposition of layers on wood, he seeks to capture the vibrant light of his environment. It is a mature and very strong work, where the effects of matter and light create subtle vibrations. The artist plays on the tension between abstraction and referential painting.

This exhibition is the one of a contemporary painter whose personality liberates a real inner strength which gives him an air of simplicity and serene strength, and whose work manages to fix a fleeting moment in an eternal moment.

“Œuvres récentes” (“Recent works”)
From March 10th to April 9th, 2016

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“Œuvres sur papier”
From February 4 to March 5, 2016

Lidia Masllorens is exhibited for the first time.
A work to discover !


Exhibition of Didier Paquignon
“The Muses”

Fernet Branca Foundation
from January 17 to March 27, 2016

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A look at 2015

  • Hommage à Franck DUMINIL
  • YLAG
    « Manière noire »
  • Alfons ALT, Miguel MACAYA, Jules RIVEMALE, Peter ZUPNIK
    « ANIMALIA »
  • Gottfried SALZMANN
    « Regards »
  • Didier MASSARD – Tim HALL
    « Vers un ailleurs »

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