This May, ARCTURUS Gallery exhibits women …

Until May 26, come and discover …

The lightness of balancing sculptures by Marta MOREU,
The strength of the urban perspectives by Nieves SALZMANN,
The sensibility of the portraits to the oil by Gabriel SCHMITZ,
The power of the eyes by Lidia MASLLORENS,
The subtlety of Ivan FRANCO’s “photographic” oils,
The peaceful world of Regina GIMENEZ’s compositions …

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Christmas Exhibition

November 28th – December 23rd

For the end of year , the ARCTURUS Gallery presents its Christmas Exhibition.
Paintings, Photographs, Sculptures: The artists of the gallery exhibit in collective !

Find Lidia MASLLORENS’s new works on paper, Marc RIBOUD’s humanistic photographs, Gabriel SCHMITZ’s oil portraits, Marta MOREU’s balancing sculptures, Gottfried SALZMANN’s vertiginous watercolors … and our other artists!

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October 21st, 1967 – October 21st, 2017

For Marc Riboud, the year 1967 will remain that of “The Young Girl with a Flower”.

Fifty years after the famous photo of “La jeune fille à la fleur”, here is the book “La jeune fille à la fleur, Histoire d’une photographie”, published by Le Seuil.

This book, prefaced by Jan Rose Kasmir and accompanied by a text by Philippe Séclier, will show the color version of the famous photo, contact sheet and other images of the demonstration before and after this “decisive moment”

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