Located in the Rue de Seine, in the heart of Saint Germain des Prés, Galerie ARCTURUS opened in 1999, driven by the passion for contemporary art of Anne de la ROUSSIÈRE, from the world of banking. Always animated by this same energy, the Gallery supports a multidisciplinary selection (paintings, photographs, and sculptures) of European artists whose technical and pictorial qualities are various and offer to the collector a dynamic and enlightened choice.

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From the outset, she affirmed her desire to put Nietsche’s proposal at the heart of our daily lives:
“Art must above all embellish life”.
During this period, the gallery allowed the discovery of many European talents, whose notoriety is growing: Miguel MACAYA (Spanish painter), Hervé ABBADIE (French photographer), Gabriel SCHMITZ (German painter), Regina GIMENEZ (Spanish painter), Juliette LOSQ (English painter), YLAG (French painter), Alejandro QUINCOCES (Spanish painter), to gather the confidence of such important artists as Gottfried SALZMANN (Austrian painter), Franck DUMINIL (French painter), Marc RIBOUD (French photographer) or Arno MINKINNEN (Finno-American photographer). Recently, 2 very promising young Spanish artists were presented for the first time in France : Lidia MASLLORENS and Ivan FRANCO. Thibaut de RÉIMPRÉ, active since 1974, holds a singular place in the movement of abstract expressionism has just benefited from a personal exhibition that will bring our gaze to the adventure of the last 25 years.